Sunday, November 27, 2005

Spot The Symptoms

The first step in solving any problem is discovering that one exists and identifying it. That’s where anti-virus utilities come in handy. These programs, of which Symantec’s Norton Anti-virus6 and McAfee Virus-Scan Home Edition are among the most popular, not only help prevent virus infections from happening in the first place, they also can identify an infection shortly after the virus strikes.
But what if you don’t have an anti-virus utility? Well, then you have to learn how to spot the virus yourself. That’s easy when the virus reveals itself in a way that puts all doubt to rest, but few viruses are so ostentatious. Most of the time, diagnosing a virus requires the ability to detect subtle changes in a computer’s performance or configuration. Virus symptoms vary widely, of course, but you can increase the odds of recognizing an infection simply by knowing about the most common warning signs.


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