Friday, November 18, 2005

Install anti-virus software

Now that you’ve gone through the dreadfully inconvenient process of cleaning up a virus infection, we trust you have already made the decision to purchase anti-virus software as soon as possible. If you haven’t, we strongly encourage you to do so. We cannot overemphasize the importance of this step in your virus recovery. Installing anti-virus software after you suffer one infection is the best way to prevent another one. Just think of the $50 (approximately) you spend on anti-virus software as cheap health insurance for your PC.
Some of you might wonder why we didn’t suggest this step earlier in the process. For instance, you might think, “Why isn’t it a good idea to install anti-virus software as soon as you think you have an infection on your PC?” Well, for the same reason you wouldn’t start a new exercise routine while fighting off the flu. Even the smallest virus puts significant stress on your system. Besides, any software you install on an infected PC would have a high likelihood of malfunctioning, and malfunctioning anti-virus software is as good as no anti-virus software. In addition, virus writers design some viruses to disable anti-virus software, and installing an anti-virus utility while such a virus remains active on your PC is like pumping coins into a broken parking meter.
After you install an anti-virus utility, you need to visit the software developer’s web site to make sure the utility is as current as possible. Next, run a scan of your entire system to ensure it’s clean. Make sure you scan your data backup, as well. This is an important step in minimizing the odds of a re-infection.


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